The Yosemite naming controversy – Congress and “Mt McKinley” related?

The recent report that the Delaware North Company plans to retain the rights to names of the more famous sites … like “Ahwahnee Hotel,” “Curry Village,” etc – led me to perk up when I read that Congressman Gibb (Ohio) has introduced HR 437.

This bill would QUOTE: Notwithstanding any other authority of law, the mountain located 63 degrees 04 minutes 12 seconds north, by 151 degrees 00 minutes 18 seconds west shall continue to be named and referred to for all purposes as Mount McKinley. UNQUOTE 

America's tallest mountain

Mt McKinley, 20,157 feet high

Note the wordingany other authority of law,” … as in the State of Alaska. 

The timing of this is interesting – just as Yosemite will begin the process to try and retain the names of the important facilities. 

For years, debates have been ongoing on the name Denali or McKinley. The natives refer to it as Denali. In 1887, the name was “Densmore’s Mountain.”

Turns out President William McKinley was from Niles, Ohio; he is buried in Canton. So in 1889, the name McKinley was picked to honor him. The naming has been a controversy between the state of Alaska and Congress.

The park itself is Denali National Park, but the Mountain’s name is to be retained (by the Feds) as McKinley.

Gibb was quoted in the media as saying: “Located in Alaska, Mount McKinley is the highest point in North America and has held the name of our nation’s 25th President for over 100 years, this landmark is a testament to his countless years of service to our country.”

Our own Mt Whitney is the tallest inthe lower 48 at 14,505′


Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Come on everybody! I say now let’s play a game. I betcha I can make a rhyme out of anybody’s name.” – the name Game, Shirley Ellis

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2 Responses to The Yosemite naming controversy – Congress and “Mt McKinley” related?

  1. Maureen L says:

    I am grateful that the park, at least, has the Athabaskan name of the peak, Denali, the high one.

    when will these dudes ever get it! these places had names before they arrived.

    we can’t get a peak in Yosemite named for Carl Sharsmith, but we can honor people like McKinley with no connection that I know of to the place.

    it’s Denali to me.

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