Yosemite Merced Planning Webinar recap

The park held a webinar today to go over the 5 alternatives for the Merced River Plan. About 33 dialed in. I know most of you were at work, so I attended and asked a bunch of questions. This plan will radically affect the Yosemite you have known since your first trip. The alternatives range from – not so bad – to really  radical. In each there are things that will go away or be relocated:

• NPS Volunteer Office

• Happy Isles Snack Stand

• Yosemite Lodge Housing (1000’s of Cabins)

• Highland Court Housing

• Boys Town Housing Area

• Yosemite Lodge Post Office

• Yosemite Lodge Swimming Pool & Snack Stand

• Wawona Stables Operation

• NPS Finance Trailer in El Portal

• Ahwahnee Tennis Court and Former Golf Course

Here is a chart showing the number of people permitted in the park for various activities – a range from “ugh” to “holy cow.”

The park has NOT yet come up with a recommended alternative – they want YOUR comments. Get the plan and comment by April 20. If you don’t things like the Yosemite Lodge will be bull-dozed. Really. The Planning Group wit present at the Saturday YC Spring Forum. Another reason to attend.

In the interest of space and to try and keep this blog digestible, I’ll end here and post the Alternatives in subsequent blogs. Get the MRP Workbook <HERE>.

Rick out.


Unrelated thought worth quoting:  “A vigorous five-mile walk will do more good for an unhappy but otherwise healthy adult than all the medicine and psychology in the world.  – Paul Dudley White

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5 Responses to Yosemite Merced Planning Webinar recap

  1. Phil Stevens says:

    Thousands of cabins??? I didn’t realize there were thousands of cabins in the whole park let alone the Valley.

    • Mr Half Dome - Rick Deutsch says:


      You’re right…this does seem odd. But that’s on their printed material… Hmm maybe this is Govt-speak for person nights. Maybe a slipped digit? The Y lodge has 226 lodge rooms, 64 standard rooms, 100 cabins with private bath, 89 cabins with a central bathhouse and 16 hotel rooms with central bath for a total of 495 rooms. (All cabins are closed due to 1997 flood damage.) Did you find a better story in the document?

      Here’s a copy/paste from the doc: Yosemite Lodge Housing (1000’s Cabins)

      • Sönke says:

        Just a wild guess:

        Maybe “1000s” is refering to the old numbering of the cabins as the currently available rooms are numbered from 3201 – 4706. So maybe the damaged cabins were numbered 1001, 1002 etc.

  2. Sönke says:

    Thanks for participating and reporting to us.

    Some significant changes are coming up. Some I like, some I really don’t.
    I think the NPS did a very good job with the MRP workbook.

    It is disappointing to hear that only 33 dialed in. A ridiculous small number compared to the HD webinar.

    But that seems to be the “zeitgeist”. Something tells me there won’t be a SaveYosemiteLodge.com website and no congressman this time.

  3. Maureen L says:

    thanks for the webinar participation, Rick.

    I find the summary tables at the end of the altenatives really helpful.

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