Yosemite in August – a Delight

I’m at the great Yosemite Park for a few days with a couple high school buddies. We attended in Arlington VA. I moved to CA after college and my Air Force time. These guys just rode their cycles from their retired life in Florida all the way out here to hike Half Dome. Whew.  We go up tomorrow. We are going on the Yellowstone on this Carpe Diem Adventure.


Yosemtie Falls – Dry for the season

You can see Yosemite Falls on the webcam, but here is a meadow shot showing that the spigot has been turned off. Dry. Curry village is sold out, but we are snug in our tent cabins. I book about 4 dates a year in advance (hint, hint).  I met with the General Manager of Curry and got an update on a few things. Meet Dan Cornforth.


Dan Cornforth, GM of Curry Village


The latest on the drowning of the 6-year old boy last week. His name is Jacob Adams. They have still not found him. Last week there was rain here and that’s why the Merced was flowing so fast. The park is continuing search efforts, but there are many holes that a small person may be trapped in. Not good. There are signs up along the Happy Isles trail alerting people. The part of the Merced below the footbridge is very rough. Not much access for searcher to get to the river.

Update on the hantavirus:  The two sick people did not necessarily get the disease at Curry. But when the health authorities tracked their travels, the only common place they both were at is Curry. That was in June. The park is continuing its mouse prevention processes. Good advice is to keep you door closed as much as you can and keep any food particles in the bear vaults. The mice allegedly cannot get into them. (More on that in a future blog.) Years ago I left my pack on my bed while I was out during the day and upon my return, I found my pack had been nibbled into and I had to trash my trail mix and a granola bar. I now sport some black duct tape on the pack as a reminder.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.” – John Muir

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One Best Hike: Yosemite’s Half Dome


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5 Responses to Yosemite in August – a Delight

  1. Denise Connors says:

    They found Jacob today about 50 yards downstream from the Vernal Fall footbridge. So sad for this family but now they have closure.

  2. Maureen L says:

    hi, Rick,

    I hope you have better weather than those of us who were in the park last week.

    Almost every day, it was spitting rain by lunchtime, and then raining off and on throughout the afternoon. Not the usual August pattern of late afternoon thunderstorms that are fairly brief.

    Lots of lightning activity on Sunday the 12th, and a really hard rain on Tuesday afternoon the 14th.

    We did have a fantastic rainbow at Vogelsang on Sunday the 12th at dinnertime.

    • Denise Connors says:

      I was there that week also, hiked half dome but only made it to sub dome due to thunder & lightning. Temps were nice and the rain felt good if only it didn’t interfere with the hike

    • Sönke says:

      I love thunderstorms as it’s great for taking pictures. 🙂

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