Yosemite High Sierra Camp lottery is OPEN for business

You can apply for this great self-paced hike through November 1. You’ll need to decide on many options dates for your summer 2015 trip. 

It’s possible to stay in 5 different camps with just about an 8-mile hike between them. You get a tent cabin and 2 meals are provided…you can also buy a sack lunch. A light backpack is all that’s needed. Blankets and linen are provided.

Cathedral as seen form the trail

Cathedral as seen from the trail

You’ll pass many neat sights and can be pretty much ALONE on your hikes. You could get between the camps just using water from the camps, but I bring a filter in case.

The read about the lottery go to YosemitePark.com.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “When I die and they lay me to rest, gonna go to the place that’s the best. When they lay me down to die, going up to the spirit in the sky.” – Norman Greenbaum

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One Response to Yosemite High Sierra Camp lottery is OPEN for business

  1. Maureen L says:

    Unless things have changed since this past season (which I doubt), High Sierra Camp visitors must bring a sheet sack (mine is silk; compresses and minimal weight) and their own towels. Few of the camps have showers due to water shortage; Merced Lake may be the only one.

    I would not describe this as a “light backpack” trip. You’ll need gear for those close to 32 degrees F nights at Vogelsang (and to sleep in if you get a tentmate that is adamantly opposed to a fire in the tent cabin’s woodstove), your waterpump as a precaution, hydration tank, etc. Add camera, guidebooks, etc, and it’s a moderately heavy day pack.

    Tips/suggestions/info for the young-at-heart: 1. if you can, build in some layover days. Until they put the Merced River plan into effect, Merced Lake HSC is bigger than either Sunrise or Vogelsang. 2. they do fill the tents, not even gender specific.

    You can snag 2 nights at Glen Aulin pretty easily early in the season before the loop trips start. Spend a whole day hiking down past the fabulous cascades. Even with the low water year in 2014, they were spectacular June 23!

    I don’ see much point in the full 5 camp loop, although May Lake is stunning. It’s a very short day hike.

    My favorite is the 3 camps south of Tioga Road, with shuttlebus assist back to parking.

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