Yosemite / Half Dome Santa List Part 2

Today we continue helping you fill your Christmas list. After yesterday’s boot selection, I’ll go easy on the gift giver with some cheap fillers. Yes – stocking stuffers. Ho Ho.

OK, you have your boots picked out, but what rides next to your feet?  I prefer a coating of Body Glide all over. This helps prevent blisters by lubricating the foot. It comes in tiny .8 oz pocket sizes or a larger 1.3 oz one for the house or car. Remember, blisters are caused by heat, friction and moisture.

Body Glide Anti-Chaffing

Next, I like a thin liner sock. No real brand preference, but I like the silk feeling material over thin cotton. Next a mid-weight sock. Again, no real preference but Thorlo, Bridgedale and SmartWool are good ones. The REI house brand is good, too. Synthetic or wool, please. They do not hold your sweat, so are better for avoiding blisters. While you are at it, toss in a few pair of the above. Nice to carry a spare pair and you know the dryer monster will eat one of your socks.

Tomorrow we continue upwards to the pants. See you then.

Hey, I just saw that my YouTube video going up the cables crossed 50,000 views – Watch out Gangnam Style!!!

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Sock it to me baby, my baby, Sock-it-to-me baby.” – Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels 

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