Yosemite Draws Blood for Hantavirus Study

473 people who work at Yosemite were tested voluntarily for the hantavirus.This means they had blood drawn and sent off to be analyzed as the CA Dept of Pubic Health attempts to put some logic into why 9 people came down with the virus – yet no workers did. On Oct 16 and 17 the workers were stuck in the arm and a small vial of the red juice as extracted. , from Mammoth Memorial Hospital did the honors. The work was done in the Valley Auditorium. A year ago after my Harley dump near Bodie, I spent 5 days in Mammoth and probably had the some of the same folks poking me. This “survey” is reportedly the largest hantavirus survey done in the US of A. Results will take a while to compile.

In the meantime the 91 Signature tent cabins will be bull-dozed and the park is considering what the units will be replaced with. Would YOU stay in one after the Grim Reaper has made his rounds this summer?

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2 Responses to Yosemite Draws Blood for Hantavirus Study

  1. Maureen L says:

    I’m not sure if this is current info after the closure of part of Curry Village after the rockfalls, but some of the seasonal employees (probably long gone) stay in tent cabins near the signature ones.

    My 2 cents is that they should leave the site of the ‘signature’ tent cabins vacant until they get the Merced River Plan worked out, as the main road to Happy Isles may be moved to where some of those cabins are.

    • The loss of 91 Curry units is a hit to all of us. DNC is seeing a chunk of revenue going away. Still only discussion as to what to do. I’m sure DNC would love to build wood cabins and charge way more than tent cabin rates. The Feb Horsetail Fall alpen glow event will be harder to attend without those cozy warm signature cabins.

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