Yosemite Bears still getting hit on roads | S L O W down

Black bears at Yosemite run the place. It’s our fault if they get implicated. 6 Bears have been hit by vehicles this year.

Six incidents of a bear taking something of value from a human occurred because backpackers failed to put all of their food in their food storage container or didn’t secure it properly.

In Yosemite Valley, bears have been reported in campgrounds every night. Bears got  food from campsites after visitors either failed to store their food properly or because they were afraid of the bear and abandoned their food.

Last week, several backpacks were either taken or damaged after small food items were left inside.

SITE……………# of Incidents

LYV and JMT Trails – 6
Backpacker’s Camp – 6
North Pines – 4
Upper Pines – 3
Swinging Bridge – 2
Curry Village – 1
Yosemite Lodge – 1
Ahwahnee Hotel – 1
Housekeeping Camp – 2
Total – 26

Yearly Total
Parking Lots – no incidents or damage
Campgrounds – 25 incidents with $707 of damage
Other Areas – 13 incidents with $357 of damage
Wilderness – 5 incidents with $742 of damage
Total – 43 incidents with $1,801 of damage


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3 Responses to Yosemite Bears still getting hit on roads | S L O W down

  1. Maureen L says:

    slowing down saves Great Gray Owls, too.

    they fly low over the roads.

    Yosemite’s Great Gray are geographically isolated from their NW and Canadian cousins. there are only about 200 in the Sierra, and the park is the heart of their range.

  2. Thanks for the update Rick! Love your articles. Wish you could come be a speaker at next year’s Yosemite Festival…this year’s inaugural is June 28th….probably a little to late to ask now 🙂


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