Yosemite bears getting under control; damage way down

The black bears that live in the 1200 miles of Yosemite National Park have long been a problem. Decades ago, they were treated as attractions that visitors could even hand fee.

Yosemite Black Bears can look cinnamon

Yosemite Black Bears can look cinnamon

The 400+ pound omnivores generally leave humans alone. In fact, no one has ever been killed by one at the park – ever. But lazy humans who let them find food in their campground, cars and packs often get an awakening as to the ability of bears to sniff out easy lunch.

Bears can smell seven times better than a bloodhound. They would make great search and rescue animals! Though the parks recent diligent awareness program, bear “incidents” have shot way down. An incident is when a bear takes something of value from a human.

There have been 145 incidents this year; this is UP from 2013, but down 83% from 1998. Only $5,000 taken from people (“Stick your hands up!”).  I wonder what a car door that has been ripped open costs?

Bear proof storage boxes abound in non-wilderness areas of the park. That’s where most of the incidents occur – NOT in the vast backcountry. The park is also beginning a GPS based tagging program so they know exactly where problem bears are.

Here are the stats for 2014 so far. Sad, but speeders managed to hit and kill 24 of them. There’s maybe 400 living in the park. S L O W down. It’s easy to speed on the Tioga road, but don’t. If you need more incentive, radar is used.

2014 # of Incidents / Value

Parking Lots 1 / $5

Campgrounds 76  / $1,869

Other Areas 25 / $543

Residential 10 / $908

Wilderness 33  /$2,266

Total 145 / $5,546

Unrelated thought worth quoting:I’m a Yogi, I’m a Yogi Baby. Hey Boo Boo!”

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  1. Dean says:

    We were lucky enough to see a bear on our first trip on 2007. We were on a rest day after hiking Half Dome, taking a gentle stroll around Mirror Lake. We heard a SNAP sound off the trail and turned to see a medium size bear amble up the dry lake bed, about 100yards from us. It was awesome and I recall thinking “Hmm, there are no fences between us and this bear…” It was thrilling. The bear took no notice of us and wandered off into the undergrowth. Beautiful

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