Yosemite Bear Report

Feeeed me!

The park’s bear awareness program continues to work. At one time we had grandstands near a dump so visitors could watch the bears eat. Well, now they mostly rummage through cars and saunter campsites looking for easy grub. Hibernation time is approaching so they are loading up on Whoppers.

So far in 2011 there have been 464 incidents compared to 512 last year at this time.  Incidents are down 76% compared to the same time last year, and down 92% since 1998.

An “incident” is when a bear takes something of value form a human. So we have $15,825 in value lost to the thugs. Campgrounds are most popular and Wilderness  only had 10 incidents!

Last week 3 bears were hit – including a sow and a cub that were hit and killed by vehicles on various roads throughout the park. 15 have been hit by vehicles so far in 2011.  S L O W  down.

I am heading up to the park on  Harley Electra Glide Fri-Sun. My laptop died after 6 years. Video chip fried. I am getting a new one but the shop is still transferring my data to the new disk.  Sooo I may not be able to do the blog until I get home. Sorry. I still love you! I’m open for guest blogs if yo have some words of wit to share.

The brand new REI Dublin (Pleasanton-Livemore area) opens Oct 28.  Get there for free stuff and things! 7099 Amador Plaza Road,  Dublin,  CA 94568 Kinda near Hooters. I’m going to make sure they carry my award-worthy book.


Unrelated thought worth quoting: Running Bear loved Little White Dove, with a love big as the sky. Running Bear loved Little White Dove – With a love that couldn’t die.” –  Johnny Preston


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7 Responses to Yosemite Bear Report

  1. Brent says:

    Read you every day Rick. Thought your laptop was still down. Sorry to hear about your misfortune. Was is the Harley ride? Best wishes for a full recovery. At least it happened in the Half Dome off season. Hope to run into you someday at the park.

    • Mr Half Dome - Rick Deutsch says:

      Looks like $2500 + damage to the Harley. I wonder if they will even rent to me again??

  2. Sönke says:

    Check out Rick’s Facebook page to hear live from the man himself.

  3. Sönke says:

    EVERYBODY! Rick is in the hospital at the moment. He just wrote me that he had an accident. His injuries are not life threatening but painful.

    So please keep RIck in your prayers and thougths!

  4. David Bodaccai says:

    Any award NOMINATIONS?

  5. David Bodaccai says:

    IPhone the blog.

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