Yosemite Bear Makes the Big Screen

Do you guys remember the “Double Rainbow” YouTube from 2010??  A guy who calls himself “Yosemite Bear” recorded this sighting of a double layer rainbow one day near his Yosemite “suburban” home. If not, look <here>. 35 Million views and 147,000 comments. It was a hoot. I’ve seen him at the park and he takes photos and mingles with the local Native Americans.

He’s baaaack. I saw this Jennifer Aniston Commercial for a water product and there he was. No kidding. Looks like he got some air time and a few bucks.

Go figure.

In other news, a herd of deer mice attempted to fight back against the rampant trapping going on in Curry Village by attacking this canvas tent cabin and literally devoring the canvas covering

Curry Village cabin frame

“They moved through like 4-legged locusts,” said Ranger Rick, quipping a John Muir phrase. With the closure of the Signature Tent Cabins, the regular food supply of dropped raisins, potato chip crumbs and salted peanuts was curtailed and forced the rodents to move 50 yards west  to make their presence known. Park officials are negotiating with mouse management to reach a compromise. Film at 11.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Here I come to save the day – Mighty Mouse is on the way.” – 1960s American cartoon.

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4 Responses to Yosemite Bear Makes the Big Screen

  1. Mary Carson says:

    One question Mr. Deutsch. When the rangers have been catching people who have hiked hd with no permit… Are they mostly warning people, or writing tickets with a fine? If the hikers took the issue to court, would it be easy to prove they broke the law? They could have climbed the hard way up.

    • The Rangers monitoring comopliance with the park regulations are sworn federal law officers. Just like police. So sometimes your local police gives warnings. It’s up top the ranger. It is a violation to hike up Sub Dome and the cables without a permit. Big Wall climbers who go up the face do it in 3-4 days, carry a lot of gear (up to 70 pounds in a haul bag) and have odiferous molecules emanating. So it’s easy to tell who climbed the face and who hiked up early. The rangers can use discretion (i.e. visitors who may not have known about the permit requirement) and give a warning vs the obvious ones who tried to pull a fast one.


  2. Mary Carson says:

    That is the first of the new insulated tents. They will now be completely open to the air. You get an electric blanket to plug in, and a can of deep woods off.

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