Yosemite’s Ostrander Ski Hut

     Ostrander Ski Hut was built in 1941 by the old CCC – Civilian Conservation Corp. It sits next to a lake and is about 10-miles from Badger Pass. This is off the Glacier Pt Road. They rent it out for individuals or groups in a kind of commune setting. It sleeps 25 but you have to bring your own sleeping bag and food and anything you’ll need. They have solar powered lights. Cooking facilities are available at the hut. You get your own water from the lake. Admission is by lottery which is now open. I have never done it, but am thinking about it. I’d use snowshoes and a backpack for my gear – maybe for 2 nights. The haul to it is up and down and is pretty hard. Not for beginners and could take all day just to get there depending on the snows.  Lottery registration forms are now available.  If you are interested you gotta plan now – when it’s 80 degrees!! The lottery takes place Nov 11. Beginning Nov 28, remaining dates can be reserved by calling the reservation office at (209) 379–5161, Monday through Friday 8:30–4:30.


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2 Responses to Yosemite’s Ostrander Ski Hut

  1. Maureen L says:

    another spectacular adventure is to head up the Glacier Point Road (not plowed beyond the Badger Pass ski area parking lot) on snowshoes or cross-country skis and stay at Glacier Point.

    the snack stand gets turned into a “ski hut” with about 10 bunk beds.

    they will rent you a sleeping bag and provide dinner, breakfast, and the makings of lunch, so you’re carrying a lot less than the Ostrander adventurers, and you don’t have anything like the somewhat steep climb on the trail to Ostrander Lake.

    plus you get the absolutely gorgeous views of Half Dome and Clouds Rest and the Clark Range in winter. sunset can be amazing.

    DNC, the yosemitepark.com people, manage the Glacier Point operation.

    Yosemite Conservancy inherited the Ostrander Hut from the Yosemite Association.

    • Mr Half Dome - Rick Deutsch says:

      Good info, Maureen,

      Anyone out there want to link up for a Feb Horsetail Fall trip then up to Glacier for a snowshoe trek to the point? $120 for the bunk and 3 squares ain’t bad.

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