New Vasque Breeze 2.0 Hiking Boot Coming Soon

Your feet are the key to success for your hike up Half Dome. Really. You can do the hike with a broken arm or collarbone (ask me) but if your feet are where the “rubber meets the road.” I promote sound foot care – from skin lubricant, dual socks and ankle high boots. I will not hesitate to endorse the Vasque Breeze hiking boot. While I’ve used other brands and they are well made, the Breeze has worked best for me. Gortex, firm shank, strong outer shell and with good insert (Cadence Insoles are my favorite), I have not had blisters.

How long are boots good for?  My rule is about 400 miles or 3 years. The rubber compounds will degrade and provide decreased support. The glue between the uppers and sole and just give out over time and separate. Note my buddy with his blow outs on Half Dome.

Blow out at 8,000 feet

Both on the same day. Kinda of like the warranty on your car battery – it’ll die a week after the warranty is up.

Good news for Breeze fans. In January the company (part of Red Wing Shoes), will roll out the new 2.0 version. I saw it at the Outdoor Retailer Trade show and drooled. I can’t wait to get my puppies inside. While the current model is superb, it had a flaw in the toe piece. After a while it can separate. The 2.0 is lighter and stronger with a new outer material, that is said to be twice as strong. The toe cap is way bigger now and runs back towards the laces. Nice. I don’t have pricing info. The current model is $160. Save up for the 20% off sale at a store near you.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: Don’t fight the feelin’, give yourself a chance! Shake your booty! Shake your booty.”  – K.C. and The Sunshine Band

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One Response to New Vasque Breeze 2.0 Hiking Boot Coming Soon

  1. Maureen L says:

    REI regularly has Vasque Breeze on sale, often the sale that runs from end of August to Labor Day. (About $105 this last sale.)

    They run narrow, and be sure to try them on the slanted rock to check downhill toe room!

    I have wide feet, so I often purchase men’s boots. I need the wide in Vasque’s, which goes to show how narrow they run.

    My favorite Half Dome footwear, however, is my 5-10 canyoneering shoes with their wonderful studded soles. I figure footwear designed to grip on wet, slick rock is just the thing for Half Dome’s granite.

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