Throw away water bottles back in at Yosemite.

In a really strange move, the National Park Service is discontinuing what they called the “Water Bottle Ban.” Since 2011, the official directive to units was to discontinue the sale of disposable water bottles.  That was a good idea – stop all the plastic trash and let visitors fill up their own bottles.  A GREEN approach.

Sorry – so much for that idea. Effective in October, they have cancelled that policy.  Huh?   In a statement, they said they decided to let people decide on their own way of “hydrating.” So you can now buy your bottled water from the clear springs of …..well, maybe Romania, and toss the bottle.  Say what?

Water bottle

Bring your Nalgene water bottle and “fill ‘re up” – you can toss it into the plastic ocean when done.

“In a carefully worded release, the acting National Park Service Director Michael T. Reynolds, said:  “Ultimately it should be up to our visitors to decide how best to keep themselves and their families hydrated during a visit to a national park, particularly during hot summer visitation periods.”

While they will now resume selling water in bottles, they will encourage people to bring their own containers and fill up at water stations.   Hmmmm, really?  Makes you wonder if revenue had anything to do with this.

The bottled water industry is ecstatic. Here’s a twisted statement from them: “Safe, healthy, convenient bottled water is available to the millions of people from around the world who want to stay well-hydrated while visiting national parks,”


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Just a SWAG (look the meaning up)…let’s say of the 5 million people that come to Yosemite each year…1/3 of them will buy a bottle at $2.00 a  pop.   So $2M x $2 = $4M in sales.  Not bad for the concessionaire…Aramark.  I dunno, maybe the vendors had a strong lobby to make this happen.

Strange but true.

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