The cables come down; Down come the cables



     The Half Dome cables come down Tuesday. But don’t change that dial. I’ll continue to blog daily. We have a lot to talk about – gear, history, tips and tales. The link I set up to ask for, give or exchange permits was a big hit and value to our community fo Half Dome lovers. We had over 3,000 hits to that page since March. Wow. Many, many wrote me to say they got their permits thru my blog. Neato Torpedo. 

     The next milestone is George Anderson Day. The park disapproved my request for a press release honoring the first man up Half Dome, so all I can do is write a nice tribute to him for the Wednesday blog. Tune in for that. He summited at 3 pm on Oct 12, 1875. Worthy of mention where I come from. 

     Also, the Environmental Assessment for the Half Dome Stewardship Plan has been due out and still we wait. We gotta read it and comment. One alternative will probably be to TAKE THE CABLES DOWN. Really. I’ll let you know when I know.   

     This report in from Bruce P., one of my Facebook FANS. The HD hike came inwith a wimper (Jun 22) and out withone (crummy weather) He attempted to get up Half Dome on Oct 7 – but Tissiack did not let him pass.  Read on:

     “On Friday Oct  7th it was sunny, but cool. Lotsa snow last 2 miles to Half Dome. Made it to Sub Dome by 12:30 ok. Maybe 20 climbers or so there. Foot of snow, so Ranger stopped all from going past to cables. Good call. Very slippery on melting snow/icepack down to Little Yosemite Valley, poles needed.  Back to Happy Isles at 5:30 PM.  11 hours on trail. I had enough energy to do Sub Dome and the cables, I believe. Very icy and slippery down to Little Yosemite Valley, poles were needed. Back to Happy Isles at 5:30 PM. 11 hours on trail.” 


 Unrelated thought worth quoting:Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” – Lou Holtz, retired football coach 

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