Surviving a Half Dome fall

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     On a dismal misty day in June 2009, Gina B. lost her grip on the Half Dome cables and slid outside the west cable about 150 feet. She would have perished if not for a lone upward facing slab about 50 feet above the cables.

Gina's rock 1

She hit the rock at an estimated 30 mph. Thud. It took 5 helicopter tries to get her in the heavy overcast, but she survived and was short-hauled to Awahnee Meadow. Then she was transferred to a waiting air ambulance and transported to Doctor’s Medical Center in Modesto. She suffered a fractured skull, broken jaw in 3 places, broken collar bone, a broken rib, a cracked sacrum with 3 spine compression fractures plus bleeding and swelling of the brain, 3 teeth uprooted, large hematomas and lacerations on her skull, behind her ear and on her calf. Whew. But she lived. 

     Two years later, she’s made am miraculous recovery. I’ve communicated with her via email and sent her a copy of my book. Her brain was scrambled a bit and she sees double and had to relearn many basic functions. But now the good news. Due to hard work during her therapy sessions, she beginning to lead as normal a life as one could expect from such a trauma. She lives in Southern California and gives inspirational talks to help the Brain Injury Support Group at the Camarillo Health Care District.  She recently traveled to the east coast to become a certified “chair yoga” instructor, under Lakshmi Voelker, who created Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga in 1982.

     “It’s for people with any sort of physical ailment, such as fibromyalgia or arthritis, or for people who have physical limitations from an injury and can’t get down on a mat,” said Gina. “It has all the benefits of yoga — strengthening, stretching, tuning in to the body.”

     If you live in the Camarillo area or know someone who can benefit from her classes, she will be teaching one hour classes at 10:30 every Thursday in November at the Camarillo Health Care District, 3639 E. Las Posas Road, Suite 117. Give tem a call for more information/registration:at 805-388-1952.


Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Writing is like the life of a glacier; one eternal grind.” – John Muir 

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  1. Scott Baines says:

    It is truly wonderful to learn how Gina is sharing the benefits of all of her hard work to help others in need. Great news indeed.

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