Another successful Half Dome summit by a first timer

I’m very happy when a HD fan writes to tell me they liked my book and advice. I do not work anymore, so I have the time to dig this stuff out – YOU don’t. My passion is Half Dome. (Keeps me out of bars.)I got this email form Luc G of Montreal.  He recently went up and is no longer a “Half Dome virgin.” He had some comments –  like the Valley Ranger who that told him most begin their Half Dome hike at 3 am. Really? Bogus. But he did have a great time. Here’s his own words. I hope this inspires other newbies to assure them the can do it…with Education, Preparation and Motivation. Carpe Diem!

Luc & son, Marc on top of the world

Luc & son, Marc on top of the world


  Marc G. poses on the  Visor
Marc G. poses on the Visor
“My 14 year old son (Marc) and I hiked Half Dome for the first time on July 24th, 2013. It was the toughest hike that I’ve ever done, but was it ever worth it. We took the John Muir Trail (JMT) and every part was beautiful. At about 3.5 miles into the JMT, we stopped to refill our water bottles at the top of Nevada Fall. On the return leg, this area proved to be a gorgeous resting place. Sub Dome was by far the toughest part of the hike. The cables were the easiest. People shouldn’t be worried about going up/down the cables. It looks far more intimidating than it really is. As we got closer to Half Dome, we met lots of people that were encouraging and raising our spirits. A few words about the view from the top of Half Dome…breathtaking, amazing, inspiring, totally worth the hardship of the hike. This is something that you’ll remember your entire life. The worst thing about the hike…that I live in Montreal, Canada and I can’t do it every week or so.
I encourage everyone contemplating the hike to Half Dome to read Mr. Half Dome’s  book, blog and to attend his webinars. They will better prepare you for what to expect and how to prepare than just about anything else.
Thanks, Luc!!


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