Southern California Woman sues Yosemite Concessionaire, DNC – speaks to ABC-TV

Cathy Carrillo is suing for $3.5M in damages

Cathy Carrillo of Chino Hills is seeking $3.5M in damages from Delaware North Company after she was stricken with the mouse-born hanta virus last summer at Yosemite.

Ms Carrillo during treatment for the hantavirus. 30% of victims die.

She was one of the nine who contracted the pulmonary disease after staying in the signature tent cabins. ABC-30 in Fresno covered the story. See their report.

Thanks to all who attended the Half Dome Preparation webinar today. Time flew by. The video sucked. There is not enough bandwidth coming off my wifi laptop to pump out videos so they were very chunky with bad audio. I’ll be getting the questions that were asked and send those out soon.

A special thanks to those who made a donation to help keep my Yorkie “Yosey” (as in Yosemite) in treats.  If you got benefit out of the show and want to send me a PayPal of $5 or so (a latte) I’m grateful. Use my acct name of

The next one will be Sunday May 19 at 7 pm. Many asked for a non-weekday – so we shall!  I’ll get word out on the registration process later. May 19 – 7 pm. On the actual hike.

Here’s the  replay from today.

 One Best Hike: Yosemite’s Half Dome

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