Search for Man who went over Yosemtie’s Nevada Fall called off

The search for 19 year  old Aleh Kalman, who went over Nevada Fall, has been suspended. Rough water on the Merced below the 600 ft fall made it impossible to located his body. When the spring run off subsides, recovery operations will resume. Kalman was part of an 85 person church group that was hiking that day.

The answer to my little quiz on the smallest waterfall was an easy one for over 20 respondents. It’s call the Fern Spring. You can see it on the right, just after you enter the park and travel on Southside Dr. It its peak, it’s about 10 inches.

Job for you at Yosemite??  Want to make $125K a year?  They are looking for a new Supervisory Park Ranger (Protection) Chief Ranger. What do you need to do?  You’d be responsible for administering all strategic and operational phases of the law enforcement, emergency services, and public safety program for park resources and park visitors.  This person is the senior law enforcement official for Yosemite.  In addition, you’ll manage program management and personnel supervision for emergency services (such as search and rescue, emergency medical, clinic operations), parkwide fire program (wildland fire, structural fire, and aviation), telecommunications, wilderness program and physical security.

Sound like you?? Apply at YNP Human Resources: EMAIL  YOSE_PERSONNEL@NPS.GOV


Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Get A Job”  – The Silhouettes  

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