Rockfall at Yosemite – Old News

The park announced a comprehensive study on the rockfall hazards at the park. No news flash here – there have been over 600 rockfalls since European-Americans began record keeping in the1850’s. The park is geologically  young and still stretching. The Oct 2008 falls off Glacier Point down on to Curry Village brought a lot of “gosh, it can happen here” realization. No one was killed then but over 200 tent and wooden cabins were closed. They will be bulldozed soon. I stayed in a neat rigid cabin earlier that year, nestled up against a huge boulder that probably fell a thousand years before.

The media has picked up on this story big time (it’s a slow news month). Maybe the park will paint a yellow line 213 feet from the base of the cliffs all around the valley to endure visitor safety.

The Council of Elders of the Western Safe Hiking Society has met and approved the use of helmets while hiking as shown below:

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  1. Maureen L says:

    Hmmm.. can’t I at least wear a rock climbing helmet rather than a motorcycle one?

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