Road crews done at Yosemite – for now

The impending winter season is creeping up on Yosemite. With that in mind, the road crews are packing up and heading to Florida. It’s just a pain in the tush to keep dodging snow storms off and on.

The Tuolumne Grove Parking Lot is now open. A little sloggy, but go for it and see the big tress. Not as many as Wawona, but very impressive and closer to the valley.

The Merced Grove is open and is very neat. A 45-minute walk off the Big Oak Flat Road to see about 20 of them. Easy to see them on the way in and save time.

Merced Grove with men in front of large tree

Brother Rocky & son Nick at Merced Grove

The Tioga Road will also be left alone until the spring. So crank up the jeep and head to the park. SLOW down – the bears are still working.

Our friends at DNC are hosting a Thanksgiving  feed at the Curry Village Pavilion on Thursday, November 27th. All Yosemite community members are welcome to attend – only $5. Not open to the general public, but if you do a lot for the park and think of yourself as “community” go for it.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: She comes on like a rose but everybody knows, she’ll get you in Dutch. Now you can look but you better not touch – Poison ivy!” – The Coasters

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