Required Reading: “Gloryland”

Last time we talked about a new bill that has been introduced in the House and Senate to recognize the Buffalo Soldiers. They were the first guardians of the park. Today, I’d  like to suggest that you pick up a copy of “Gloryland” by Yosemite’s own Ranger Sheldon Johnson. I just finished reading it. I’m not a big book-reader, but this one was good. You can get it from Amazon.

Gloryland by Sheldon Johnson

Ranger Johnson tells the fictitious story of one of the Buffalo Soldiers, Elijah Yancy. Yancy grew up in the deep south and was subjected to the prejudice of the time. He leaves home once he is of age (at his parents wish) and joined the army. The book describes his life and he eventually get assigned to the Presidio and part of the group that was sent to patrol Yosemite – well before the National Park Service was created. I won’t spoil it for you, but it’s a nice addition to you library.

Johnson also performs a one-man show at the Visitor Center Theater during the summer. I hope he does it again in 2013.


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2 Responses to Required Reading: “Gloryland”

  1. Maureen L says:

    better that you should purchase Gloryland in the Park or from the Yosemite Conservancy website and have the profits go to support the Park!

    and, as Rick recommends, catch Ranger Johnson’s one-man play at the Yosemite Theater, as Sergeant Elizy Boman. (he doesn’t do it every summer.)

    in 2003, the wonderful folks at Sequoia had a 100th anniversary celebration of the work of the Buffalo Soldiers. you can still get the poster and the materials they published for that. the amazing Captain Charles Young, the third African American to graduate from West Point, led the road-building work in the Giant Forest when he was acting superintendent there.


    and, of course, the Ken Burns/Dayton Duncan series:

  2. Kathy says:

    I got a signed copy when I was in the Park a year ago 🙂

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