REI ends Liberal Return Policy

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Up until yesterday, REI had a great return policy: “If you are ever displeased with a product, we will refund it.” The Seattle-based company formally known as Recreation Equipment Inc. is a co-op that has been a primary supplier to the hiking/backpacking  market for decades. A one-time membership fee allows shoppers special deals and a quarterly 20% one item sale. There is an annual dividend based on your purchases.

REI announced that effective yesterday, June 4, it is overhauling its return policy, which previously allowed customers to return any item for any reason for an unlimited time. The new policy allows customers to return items purchased in store within one year of purchase. Also, the store will limit returns of items purchased at to 30 days. The policy also will no longer cover items damaged by the user in the course of normal use.

REI has been many hikers favorite, thanks in part to their return policy. The program can still be abused – just for 12 months. Sally Jewell, the past CEO of REI just became the new Secretary of the Interior.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “I’m not a consumer, because consumers are consumed with shopping. No, I prefer shoplifting.” – Jarod Kintz 

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  1. Kathy says:

    Loved the old REI return policy even though I only used it a couple of time – but I am sure some did abuse it. A year is still generous – and if it is an item I want to test run, I won’b buy on but will buy in store.

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