RED ALERT Garmin 60CSx


Costco on line is selling the Garmin 60CSx GPS for $199.99. This is $200 less than retail. It has been my primary GPS for 4 years. Get it.

— End of Red Alert —

Now go back and read the current post about Skiing at Badger Pass.

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0 Responses to RED ALERT Garmin 60CSx

  1. Randy says:

    Yeah, I surmised that a new model was coming out because I noticed that now Amazon has the same model for $229. Anyway I am happy because my borther in law has this model and loves it. Gets very good lock even under trees. I also read reviews; all extremely positive. 🙂

    Appreciate the tip.

    • mrhalfdome says:

      All that said, I just got a Magellan Explorist 710. This thing looks real hot.Touch screen, color, camera, recorder, trail/road GPS. The last Triton 2000 unit was a dog – firmware and batttery life, so they spent a lot of corp moxie to make sure this unit is a Garmin killer. I’ll give it a good work out and report.

  2. mrhalfdome says:

    The 60CSx is very good. Glad you are getting one. Of course they have a newer model coming out….thus the price reduction…..but I played with it at the Outdoor Retailer show…IMO it’s not as good. They to use color and touch screen too much. The SiRF chip a WAAS technology in the 60CSx allows me to get good readings on the Mist trail – which is basically a canyon!!!

  3. Randy says:

    Done !

    Killer price! I have always wanted a better GPS than what I have, but didn’t want to spend a lot. Early Christmas present 🙂

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