Railtown 1897

Near Yosemite off Highway 108 lies the cute western settlement of Jamestown. It’s just this side of Sonora. A major attraction behind “downtown” is Railtown 1897. Currently it’s part of the California State Parks system and it is scheduled to be shut down June 30. If you have not seen it, get up there soon. It lies below the snow line so travel is easy and just about 3 hours from the San Francisco megalopolis.  I have  a buddy up there that volunteers. Manhy other men and women love trains and they actually restore cars and even locomotives. It’s a fun day just to take a walking tour, but they also offer rides. Winter brings a reduced program.  Special trips are set up for the holidays. They do have one of America’s last intact, still-operating railroad roundhouses. Known as “The Movie Railroad,” Railtown 1897, its historic locomotives and cars have starred in hundreds of film and TV productions, including High Noon, Back to the Future 3, and Petticoat Junction.

I am mentioning all this because it’s all going to be shuttered unless …..  A non-profit group will hold a meeting next month regarding the future of Railtown 1897 in Jamestown. The Sierra Railway Foundation, led by Tuolumne County resident Isaac Kight, is interested in becoming a managing non-profit group for the park. “Sierra Railway Foundation can provide a vehicle for the local community to be involved  with Railtown,” says Kight. “It would be run by local leaders, and financed by local businesses and the community.”


Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Doc: You’re just not thinking fourth dimensionally! Marty McFly: Right, right. I have a real problem with that.” – Back to the Future 3.  

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