R.I.P. Yosemite’s Pacific Fisher

The Pacific  Fisher is a weasel-like animal that is very rare. They are in southern Yosemite. On April 19, one was killed by a vehicle on Hwy 41 in Wawona. Sad.  It was the 10th documented road-kill fisher in the park in 20 years. 9 were on the Wawona Road. This killed animal was found near the “Slow Down – Wildlife Crossing” sign on Wawona Road. Keep your eyes open and speed down.

Our German delegation is flying home to Hamburg after a productive fact-finding mission. He discovered the eastern gate closed due to snow still on Tioga Road. Snow plows are busy but must go slow for avalanche watch. There was much snow on the Sierra down by Mammoth Lakes. Devil’s Postpile still closed as it was hit by a recent storm,  otherwise no chains required. He saw lots of CALTrans vehicles with plowing devices.

Plowing on Tioga Rd is at Yosemite Creek. Snow depth is 3-5 ft. still a lot of work to do, but could be finished in 3 weeks. The Whoa Nellie Deli above Lee Vining is still closed for the season.

Maureen L. reports: The Glacier Point Road opened April 20 – this is a record. In 2007 to 2009, it was first few days in May. By  the way, the record late date was July 1, 1995 & 1998.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” -Mark Twain

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