Product Review – Princeton Tec VIZZ headlight for Half Dome

I suggest that hikers carry a decent flashlight (4 AA cells) or a headlamp on the Half Dome hike.  You won’t need it in the morning unless you start about 4 am. The normal start is about 5:30 am and even though it may be dark later in the summer, you will be in twilight. You’re on a nice road to begin, then on the trail to the south of the Merced for 30 minutes.  It’s be light soon.

At the end of the day, you may be taking longer than the 10-12 hours most do the hike in. I’ve been out with a group that came in at 17 hours. Yikes.

If you have sprained ankle or other issue, you may be in the dark going down the John Muir Trail. I mean you walk using Braille. A light is mandatory.

Hot Princeton Tec light

Hot Princeton Tec light

I discovered the above headlamp selling for $40.  It boasts 165 lumens. That is bright. With 3 modes – Ultra bright, red light and soft. The red is to keep from blinding your buddies. At full blast it is supposed to last 110 hours. 110! That’s what it sez in the user guide. Three AAA batteries power it and it’s waterproof to 3 feet.

At least have some kind of light. NOT the small LED’s with a pair of fingernail clippers attached.

When it’s nightfall up there – it’s BLACK.


Unrelated thought worth quoting: “I see a red door and I wanted it painted black.” – The Rolling Stones

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