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I don’t write many product reviews but I needed to tell yall about a new boot insole that is pretty good. I met the founders of Cadence Insoles out of Nipomo, CA. I can’t say I’ve ever heard of the place, but  John Hinds, his wife and young daughter were at the Wildflower Triathlon Expo with a booth 2 weeks ago and were showing their new alternative insole. John has over 2 decades as a physical therapist focusing on orthopedic and sports rehabilitation. He came up with the idea for a better mousetrap – er, insole. While the focus of his website is on running, the insoles are great for anyone who uses their feet for locomotion (duh). Like us hikers.

For some reason, boot makers provide thin cardboard insoles with their boots. Me thinks it’s because if they put in a decent insole, the price of their boots would jump $50. So they basically pass that on to us. Manypeople just hike with those, but I like to swap mine out for more cushion.  The Cadence units fit into my Vasque Breeze size 13’s just fine. I trimmed them to the same length as my factory insoles.

I hiked Mission Peak twice now with them I can honestly say I do like them. Better than my current orange insoles. The cush was very noticeable and the heel was grabbed securely. The website goes into the whys and wherefores of the need for good insoles. How about when hiking to Half Dome, you can be putting 5 times the force of your body onto your feet with each step. For cushioning, the Cadence closed cell polyurethane retains its cushioning properties much longer than EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) or open cell polyurethane. These insoles are $40 and can be bought on-line at the website.

Other news: Be careful of a throng of bicyclists up in the Gold Country – the AMGEN CA tour will be in and around Sonora this week.


Unrelated thought worth quoting: Feets, Don’t Fail Me Now”1979 album by pianist Herbie Hancock. 

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