Prescribed Fire Coming to Yosemite – Smoke in the Valley

A prescribed (planned) burn in what’s called the Taft Toe area of the Yosemite valley will start in mid-October.

Drip can with fuel sets burn

Drip can with fuel sets burn

Despite the horrendous recent fires in Yosemite this dry summer, rangers and fire protection teams will remove potential sources of flare ups.  The burn area is on Southside Drive between El Capitan Bridge and the Sentinel Beach Picnic Area.  The total prescribed burn area will include over 100 acres and is expected to last three days.

Smoke from the fire may be visible throughout the park, and may be more evident in Yosemite Valley, Foresta, and the El Portal area.

Let’s hope it doesn’t get out of control like a planned fire in August 2007 went wild in minutes.  6,000 acres gone. You can see the damage on the Big Oak Flat Road near the Big Meadow.


Unrelated thought worth quoting: “They burned down the gambling house. It died with an awful sound. Funky Claude was running in and out, pulling kids out the ground. When it all was over, we had to find another place, but Swiss time was running out. It seemed that we would lose the race.  Smoke on the water, fire in the sky” – Deep Purple

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2 Responses to Prescribed Fire Coming to Yosemite – Smoke in the Valley

    • Good commentary, Marc. Usually I see A-frame boards that say “Prescribed Burn – Do not report.” The park’s notices that have to be made public usually are picked up only by Merced and/or Fresno. They never appear in metro area papers, like the SF or San Jose rags. I agree that the signage should be way better – as you say, at the gates and posted in areas where people stay.

      Delaware North is out as of March 15 – Aramark will be the new concessionaire.

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