Get a place to stay now for your 2015 Half Dome hike

Hear me now and listen to me later. 

Listen up! You're be happy if you do

Listen up! You’ll be happy if you do

Once again, I highly suggest you book a place to stay for the 2015 Half Dome hiking season. There may be no room at the Inn if you hold off until spring.

Get your place now, then target your lottery application around that date (s). Remember, if you don’t get the date of your dreams, you can cancel the room 7 days in advance.

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I have booked 2-nights at the Curry Village tent cabins for each month of the 2015 summer. Now, I may not do Half Dome each of those times, but I can rest easy….that I will rest easy those dates.

Tent cabins are still wide open. After the Holiday rush, people will get more serious. AND how about your trip to Little Yosemite Valley with a Wilderness permit? It’s a 6-month window and you’ve already lost late May and early June.

Curry Village tent cabins are available in June 2015

June is wide open

It looks like the price rises proposed for admission and camping may sail through. I’ve not heard of arguments in the press or elsewhere. So save your pennies.

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One Response to Get a place to stay now for your 2015 Half Dome hike

  1. Maureen L says:

    If you’re going the backpack to Little Yosemite Valley Route, you can ask for your Half Dome permit at the same time you apply for your wilderness permit. (You’re under a different quota than the March lottery folks.)

    For reservations, they do it on a rolling basis by day, 168 days in advance.

    Search the park website for “wilderness permits” and you can find all the info to do it.

    You haven’t lost early June yet — today, December 13, you could fax after 5 pm Pacific Time for a permit starting May 31.

    It’s tricky to bet when the cables will be up, now that we’re actually having rain/snow in California. Remember 2010 the cables weren’t up until June 16 and 2011 it was about a week later!

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