Half Dome Hike Photo Album
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  1. don obrien says:

    Hi Rick! We’re the O’Brien Family from Benicia…remember our son, you called him “Krypton Boy” I think, for his hiking prowess at 7 years old on Half Dome, years ago. Good to see you’re still active on the internet – even though I got my MediCare card a few weeks ago, we still hiked the famed La Luz trail at Albuquerque last week, 10-12 miles, 10,300 feet. Haven’t really slowed down at all. Hope you’re still hitting the trail. Why don’t they put YOU in charge there at Yosemite, the job’s open…no one knows it, or loves it better…

    • Yo Don!!! How are you and Shane? Is he in College yet? :>) Glad you are out and hiking. I’ve not hiked La Luz. No, the NPS is not the tree hugging “Smokey the Bear” place that is portrayed. A lot of Kingdom building. Don Neubacher was great to me. But I wasn’t aware of the stinky issues.
      Say, you once asked about playing tunes on cruise ships. I’m now formally teaching how to do it. See Glad you poke at the blog…I also do a Facebook. And check out my YouTube channel.

      Carpe Diem!!

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