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Friday evening finds me at the Yosemite Bug in MidPines. I’m in the co-ed dorm. 12 bunks. This should be interesting. Guess I’m behind the times with co-ed college dorms. Oh well. Words of caution: if you are driving via Hwy 140. I saw 3 white Merced County Sheriff cars and later, near Cathay’s Valley, a Black & White CHP with radar. Keep it slow.

The Yosemite Conservancy Spring Forum is Saturday and it now looks like the arctic snow blast will hit the upper elevations after 2 pm. Snow levels will begin above 6000 feet before dropping to 3000 feet by Saturday night. I hope it’s mostly rain in the valley. I brought chains but hate putting them on.

As I passed through Mariposa I stopped by the Stroming Building. It’s the empty former site of the county health group (they moved up to Hwy 49). Yosemite is relocating the entire Administration Division to Mariposa by mid-2012.

Stroming bldg

This may be the first step in an eventual move of more offices there. Many of the park employees live in the greater Mariposa Metroplex and this will be a great convenience to those who commute now. The Hwy 140 trip to the park can be harrowing as demonstrated by the fatal crash of Stephen Medley, head of the Yosemite Association a few years ago..

As part of gaining new office space, Yosemite has agreed to remove a number of rented trailers in the park. Soon the park will remove the trailer complex in El Portal that houses parts of Wilderness, Law Enforcement, Volunteer, Special Park Use, Fee Management and Concession Management operations. The Planning Division trailer may also move after completion of the Merced River Plan, the Tuolumne River Plan and other major programs.

You may recall that Yosemite bought some land near the current Mariposa County Visitor Center. It’s envisioned that “one day,” the NPS will house a museum and its own Visitor Center in a common facility there.

Just east of Briceburg the spring poppies were in full bloom. 

 Ditto the “red bud” trees. Awesome. 


Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Writing is like the life of a glacier; one eternal grind.” –  John Muir 

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