On Half Dome – Just like Dad

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Today we feature a guest blog from Kathy T. of Sacramento. She has doggedly trained for the Half Dome hike and squeezed it in between downpours. This hike was a mini-bucket list achievement. I’ll share why at the end. Congrats to Kathy, Mike & Missy!

“We had planned our hike of Half Dome for almost two years.  I bought everyone in our group Rick’s book and we studied it as if for a final exam. After many starts and stops and many weather-related delays (permits for June 15, 2011 – cables not put up until June 22nd, wah!) we finally realized our dream!   

We arrived at Housekeeping camp to a downpour, thunder and lightning on 9/11, our permits were for the following day.  There was 30% chance of isolated thunderstorms for our permit day so we assumed that we would not make it.  We arose at 3 a.m. and left the parking lot nearest Happy Isles at 4:20.  We hiked in the dark until just below the split above Nevada Fall.  We reached the ranger at the base of sub dome in about 6-hours. It took us about 40 more minutes to get up sub dome.  We left our packs with one of the people that we had been sharing the trail with who decided that she did not want to attempt the cables.  We got up to the top of the cables in around 20-minutes or so.  As I left the incline of the cables, I followed them to the very end where they attach to the granite, sobbing with every step. It was such an emotional overload. I had finally made it!  I will finally be able to take the picture on the visor that my dad took in the late 30’s!  Special thanks to my hiking pals Mike and Missy and to Rick for his patience in explaining so much to us and also for his passion.  I understand it now so much more”. 

So here’s two photos that will go into a frame. Kathy & her dad on top over 80 years apart.

Kathy T, summer 2011Kathy T's dad, circa summer 2011


Dad, Circa summer 1930

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.” – John Muir 

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4 Responses to On Half Dome – Just like Dad

  1. Lori B says:

    Wow that is really super cool…That picture from the 30’s is AMAZING.

  2. Kathy says:

    Thanks Rick! It means so much to me to be included in your blog. 🙂

  3. Rich says:

    Great job! Dad and Mom would be very proud….I sure am!!

  4. Nathan says:

    That’s my momma!!!

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