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The main Yosemite Visitor Center in the Valley is a very nice facility. The 3D sculpture of the greater Yosemite Valley adds a lot to the understanding of the work of glaciers eons ago. How about the utility of another Visitor Center off-site? Congressman George Radanovich recently introduced legislation that would permit the National Park Service to buy up to 18 acres to build a new Yosemite Visitor Center. The property, located in Mariposa, is at the junction of Hwy 140 and Hwy 49 just outside the Arch Rock entrance into Yosemite. Radanovich is the son of historian LeRoy Radanovich. If you want to know anything about the legends of the park, LeRoy is the man. Look for his name on those books you see at the bookstores. George Radanovich says: “A visitor center at this location will not only provide Yosemite National Park with an opportunity to enhance their visitor services, it will be a tourist destination for travelers in the gateway community of Mariposa as well.” Superintendent Don Neubacher endorses the idea. It also has the backing of the Yosemite Fund (soon to be the Yosemite Conservancy).

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “A man in his books may be said to walk the world long after he is in his grave.” – John Muir 1873

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