National Park Service and Yosemite in the Rose Bowl Parade

Some slick bureaucrat has earned a gold star – the NPS will be in the Tournament of Roses in 2016. That’s the giant parade in Pasadena with the endless stream of floats. New Years Day (Yawn).

It’s the 100th anniversary of the NPS.

NPS will be in the 2016 Rose Parade

A typical Rose Parade float

The theme for the parade is “Find Your Adventure.”  Yosemite will be there with select rangers. It’s unknown if they will have a float, be on a float or just float. Hey, it’s 12 months away!

Ranger Kristen Kosik is in charge of anniversary planning: 2015 (125th of YNP being named a National Park) and the 2016 hoohah.

I’ve been to the Rose Parade and it is superb. Tickets can be had for as little as $40 for a grandstand seat. It was perfect; 25 rows up so we could see everything. Close to the start is very desireable and expensive. That is very good since as the floats turn the corner, some poop out and cannot continue. So you’ll at least see them.

We did not find the traffic bad at all. It’s nice to hit the warm sun down south. Just be sure to get a west facing seat. The sun is a killer as it rises from the east. Allow time after to walk down the street and look at the floats in a staging area.

I will not be the Grand Marshall.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: I Love A Parade” – Victor Arden & Phil Ohman and their Orchestra 1931

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