More stats on Half Dome Permit Lottery

Up the Sub Dome steps - 400 ft worth

Over 17,000 applications were received by for summer Half Dome permits, requesting approximately 75,500 permits of the 41,100 permits available by lottery. Most of these permit request were for May, June and July. Weekends are pretty much sold out, but I suspect there will be a truck load of cancelled permits since many applicants had each person in their group apply. So multiple winners will be cancelling out at least 2 days in advance to recoup their $5.00 each permit.  I tried for a Monday in June and got zapped …. but will go to the park anyway and try the mini-lottery.  Permits cannot be sold, so don’t ask here. I support the park and won’t contribute to scalpers. Plus it’s against the law.

The demand for permits mid-week starting in mid-August were BELOW the allocated supply of 300 per day. If you can go then – do it!!  August is great (just be cautious of thunderstorms) and I love September – sun doesn’t set until about 7, the crowds are gone and weather is pleasant. October can be dicey as winter in the  mountains arrives early. I did it wearing full fleece.

In my never ending quest for Carpe Diem, our Hamburg, Germany office will be linking up with Headquarters staff from San Jose-by-the-sea for a Utah hiking trip this week. Will try to do the blog but it maybe dark until Friday. If I can help out with anything please email or comment today.


Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Just do it.” -Nike 

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Mr Half Dome. Has written the only half dome hiking guide, One Best Hike: Yosemite's Half Dome. Has hiked it 31 times to day. Lives in San Jose, CA Available for presentations. Carpe Diem Experience, LLC
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5 Responses to More stats on Half Dome Permit Lottery

  1. Denise Connors says:

    We are going to Yosemite in August, when can we get permits? I just tried but they’re not available yet. Also, just finished your second book and I loved it!!! Can’t wait for a third 🙂

    • Mr Half Dome - Rick Deutsch says:

      All permits for 1012 were lotteried off in March. Your only hope now is the 2-day lottery. Read under my “Permits” button on the website.


  2. Carol Lehoe says:

    How early can you start the hike to Half Dome, we are going on Monday 7/30, we did not get the permit but want to go anyway up to the chains. and will try for the 2 day prior permit. It sounds like it will be a line of people on the trail. That does not sound like a good hike, we thought if we left at the trail head at just barely light it would not be crowded. Can we start as early as 4:30-5am.
    As you can tell we have never been there and a vision of hundreds of people on a hiking trail…

    • Mr Half Dome - Rick Deutsch says:


      The Park is open 24/7 – you can do the hike at any time. You just need a permit to hike up beyond sub dome and up th eCABLES – not chains. I sense you have not prepared too well, if you think they are “chains.” You have time to get my book and read up on it all. Read back on this blog to learn more.

      Why do you think there is a line? It’s not all that crowded. The 300 day hikers tend to spread out – with most starting about 5:30 am – 6 am. Any later and you are making for a very long day. The earlier you get to the cables, the better – you can go at your pace and not worry about people freezing up.

      Good luck on the 2-day permits.


  3. Phil says:

    My favorite time to go (in the old non-permit days) was always September and early October. September could have very hot weather and crystal-clear days. October was a little more of an unknown- could be hot or thunderstorms could appear. The school-age crowds were down (not saying it wasn’t occasionally crowded), but I never had to wait more than 3 or 4 people to get up or down the cables, and weekdays the only stopping was my own choice, to rest. I’m curious to see how it’s changed.

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