Mirror Lake Trail Opening at Yosemite

At the base of Half Dome lies the Mirrror Lake loop trail. You can look up to the Death
Slabs to the face of half Dome. It’s very steep and not for mortals. Ropes are needed to get up it and few climbers use this as their approach to their climbs. I tried and gave up. It’s been closed since the March, 2009 huge rockfall off of Ahwiyah Point.

Ahwiyah Point Rockfall

As you look at the face of Half Dome, it is to the left – you can easily see the white scar. The trail is open and ready for business. Trail crews will be there spiffing up – but enjoy this great weather before the snows fall.

That was a big rockfall with over 100,000 tons of used granite hitting the ground.  No one was hurt but the southern route of the trail has been closed since. You may want to wear a helmet if you are concerned.

From the “funny one” Dept, check out these two El Cap climbers recently spotted by photographer Tom Evans and his Hubble telescope camera. Black & White striped suits? Prison outfits?? A bit early for Halloween, but pretty cool. Tom’s website has a ton of images like this.

Jail Break on El Cap?


Unrelated thought worth quoting: Go to the Mirror Boy – The Who

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  1. Maureen L says:

    Hiking to Mirror Lake along Tenaya Creek can be crowded, but few go beyond the lake. the trail connects up with the Snow Creek Trail, which goes all the way to Tioga Road, or you can cross Tenaya Creek on a footbridge and loop back along the other shore of the lake.

    the trail has always been open on the side of the lake further from Half Dome, just one side was cut off, which is why the park has let the rockslide settle for a few years.

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