Merced River Plan – Preferred Alternative – Salient Item 2 – Camping

Under the preferred alternative #5, camping at Yosemite will take on a different look. The backpacker area will shrink from 25 sites to 10. This is the place many stay after driving into the park late in the day and plan to begin their extended hike the next day. The 15 sites will be moved outside the 100 year flood plane . . . the MRP doesn’t say to where exactly. Lower Pines will lose 5 sites, North Pines will lose 14 sites. Upper Pines will lose 2 sites and down in Wawona, 13 sites will be removed.

However, on the good side, 210  new  sites will be created: 16 West of the famous Camp 4 and 35 east of Camp 4. Upper Pines will get a 36-site RV loop and a walk-in campground with 49 sites and 2 group sites. Eagle Creek will get 42 auto sites and 2 group campsites.

So that means if this alternative is selected, the total campsite availability in Yosemite Valley proper will net 174 new  sites with the total in the Valley to be 640. Bottom line is a 28% increase of campsites in the whole River/Valley corridor.  The park is looking to remove all campsites within 100 feet of the river. Housekeeping currently has many units almost on top of the river. Many families enjoy those as the kids can be kept in sight and still play near the river.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “I have a very strict gun control policy: if there’s a gun around, I want to be in control of it.”- Clint Eastwood

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