Merced River Plan – Preferred Alternative – Salient Item 1

The MRP is huge, so I’ll try to give you some of the highlights I’ve found. Since Alternative 5 is the preferred one, I think the most use of our time is to see what might actually occur.

The Sugar Pine Bridge is to be removed. This is located in the Mirror Lake area and carries the Mirror Lake Road, At 106 feet, it has the longest span of the eight bridges over the Merced. Built in 1928, it cost $73K back then. To protect and enhance the river values, i.e. to improve the free flowing condition of the river, it will be axed if Alternative 5 is selected.

Yosemite’s Sugar Pine Bridge

The Ahwahnee Bridge will be retained and many trails will be re-routed to the north bank of the river. A new trail from the Ahwahnee Bridge to Lower Pines will be set up. A new “Upper River” Campground south of the Ahwahnee Meadow with 30 walk-in sites will be built.


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4 Responses to Merced River Plan – Preferred Alternative – Salient Item 1

  1. Dean says:

    I have a nice photo from a bridge on the way to Mirror Loop and I wondered if it was taken from Sugar Pine Bridge but looking on Google Maps there are 2 bridges close to each other navigating a U bend in the Merced, south of the Ahwahnee Hotel.

    I think the first is Ahwahnee Bridge and the second is Sugar Pine if you are heading east. If so won’t removing Sugar Pine bridge make the Ahwahnee Bridge a bridge to nowhere?

  2. Kyle says:

    I have tons of memories here and It will be sad to see the Sugar Pine bridge go. This bridge has always been a meeting spot for my friends and family through the years, and this is the spot where we conducted countless hours of swiftwater rescue training and actually using the bridge as a way to rescue victims. Remember the good times, nothing lasts forever.
    /Users/KyleKekic/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Originals/2011/May 26, 2011_3/P5011124_2.jpg

  3. Maureen L says:


    I can’t figure out from the Valley map — is this bridge oh the shuttle bus route? (between stops 18 and 19).

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