Man builds Half Dome cables replica – then trains on it to summit the signature landmark of Yosemite.

My friend Kim Pedersen had a goal of hiking to the summit of 8,842 ft high Half Dome. Yes, he trained a lot by hiking local hills. But he took the quest even further. Way further. In his backyard, he constructed a scale model of the cable route up the backside of Half Dome. I’ve been there. Picture a 45-degree ramp with a 10 foot stretch… complete with parallel cables at the same distance and spread as the real McCoy.

Kim hard at his training

Kim hard at his training

He went up and down it many, many times. He intended to replicate the 600-foot run at the cables. I did it one day and darn, it was pretty cool. I suggested he charge admission to folks who are freaked out by photos of the cables. He could easiliy make some fresh Franklins with this idea. No, he’s too humble and doesn’t want the hassle of entertaining the hordes. Plus the old liability factor. Maybe a donation to the park to stick it in the museum or Visitor Center so wanna-be’s can try the cables sans the 16-miles round trip hike.

He did the hike in September solo. He left at 5 am. Yes, it was a success. See this video to check out his story.


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