On that long day hiking, wouldn’t you rather just take 5?

Mind hiking

Mind hiking

The downhill leg of the Half Dome hike is one long stretch. It can be 5,6 or 7+ hours to make it back to a warm  bed. The thrill of reaching the top is almost buried with the constant march down the 4,737 feet to level.  Just how many times have you felt like taking an hour break and curling up under a tree and catching some much needed z’s? The day is long and you know it will all be over before dark. Just one little nap won’t hurt. Ease down. Make a pillow of leaves and zone off into slumberland. Yes, that’s the ticket. A jug of water and a cool breeze on a summer afternoon. Yes, just do it.

 Reminder, the webinar on the history of Half Dome goes on at 12:02 this Wednesday.  Read all the details <here>. A. Phimister Proctor was a world class bronze sculpturer. Do you know what role he played? See you Wednesday. Register and even if you can’t make it live. I’ll send you the recording. Watch it before you lay down in the forest.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Zzzzzzz”

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One Best Hike: Yosemite’s Half Dome

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