Labor Day Half Dome hike

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Today we hear from Half Dome veteran and avid blog reader, Dean M.

dean 1He hails from across the pond (the Atlantic pond) and loves Yosemite. He planned his 2009 trip for the Labor Day break and on Sept 1, he succeeded in getting to the top for his second ascent. He reports that the hike itself went well and he was scooting up the cables by 11:30. The mob scene was a bit subdued for a holiday weekend due to the fire. On this day the winds blew the yuck north and he got really good viz. However, check out this shot just 2 days later. Pea soup. dean 2

This photo was taken from Columbia Point – on the Yosemite Falls trail. And I’m sure his lungs took a beating. Then a couple days later up at Tuolumne it was almost crystal clear. Cathedral Peak looks majestic. dean 4He missed the opening of the 120/Crane Flat exit west, so he had to return via Lee Vining, 395 and Sonora Pass (Rt 108). I tip of the hat to Dean and thanks for spending all those Euros here!
Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Over there, over there, send the word, send the word over there – That the Yanks are coming, The Yanks are coming.” – World War I rallying song written by George M. Cohan.
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  1. Dean says:

    Thanks for the mention Rick!

    In fact, I got my dates wrong and Labor Day was the 7th this year…as for the pea soup in the valley it cleared out later the same day…got this nice shot…


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