LA hiking rescue: Kyndall Jack and Nicolas Cendoya

Many Yosemite fans live in the Southern California region. Although Los Angeles is a flat area, in less than an hour you can easily be in mountainous terrain. To the south and east lies the Cleveland National Forest. It abounds with nice hiking trails that are very popular. On a sunny Easter Sunday, two teens (a male and female) set out on a hike. When they got separated, they both wandered lost for hours. The boy used the last battery life of his cell phone to call for help.

The Holy Jim Trailhead in the Cleveland National Forest (AP)

Off the trail they entered the very thick growth of Falls Canyon. They each ran out of water. They were lucky the weather was mild for the 4 days they were lost. They wore shorts, somehow lost their shoes (?)  and had no emergency gear at all. All they could do was yell for help – a good reason to carry an emergency whistle. Both were dehydrated and incoherent when rescuers located them, both were lucky to have survived. They are recovering in Southern California hospitals.

Kyndall Jack being air lifted out to safety

The area was so rugged one searcher fell 60 feet and also had to be helicoptered out. Two other volunteer searchers got lost themselves and had to be flown out on Wednesday afternoon. Real dumb and they endangered rescuers. Tune in tomorrow for more SoCal excitement.


Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Remember the 10 essentials.” – Boy Scouts

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