Kyle Williams breaks Half Dome RT run – late Sept does it.

Kyle Williams (no photo available) of Walnut Creek, CA, a suburb of the greater San Francisco Bay, has eclipsed the running record to the of Half Dome in Yosemite and back from Happy Isles. Kyle came in at a blazing 2:23:51. This is a huge difference from the previous runners.

Rickey Gates

Rickey Gates

Sunday, September 28, was the date – yes, he held a permit. The ranger at Sub Dome cooperated and sped him through the check-in process. He admitted that the 400 vertical feet up Sub Dome was a killer. Ditto for all us hikers.

The record had been held by Rickey Gates at 2:28:18. Gates time was almost a tie with the previous holder, Ryan Ghelfi, who clocked in at 2:30:50. Almost a tie.

Ryan Ghelfi

Ryan Ghelfi

This is no real “sanctioned” competition, just the honor system where you punch your own watch. Also, the start and turn-around spots are not defined to the nano-rock. The crux of the run (in addition to Sub Dome) is Little Yosemite Valley, where the nearly one mile of sand bogs you down. He did not say if he went outside the logged line trail there. A light rain the night before made the sand firm, similar to the sand near the water at Santa Cruz.

He powered himself with Shot Bloks, a CLIF product. A good endorsement for the electrolyte replenishing gel. This paid off during the harrowing jaunt down the Mist Trail. It was dry, which helped. He got down them in about 18-minutes.

If you wonder how long it took him to get up the cables, his time was less than 4-minutes. My best time was 7 ½ . . .  about 22  years ago!  He’s 21. Whew.  He wasn’t  even born yet!

A tip of the hat to Kyle.  I’ve never met him, but if you read this, Kyle, contact me. I’d like to video interview you, like I did Ryan on my free Half Dome hiking app.

Credit to Tom Lambert for providing this info.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: You gotta run, run, run, run, run – take a drag or two. Run, run, run, run, run. Gypsy Death and you. – Velvet Underground

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