John Muir Geotourism Center

While we are tlaking about John Muir’s walk to Yosemite, to help future generations appreciate the global impact that this conservationist had on the world, the town of Coulterville is building the John Muir Geotourism Center (JMGC). This was one of the places on his historic walk over a century ago. This newly formed non-profit group has seed money from a $75,000 donation. This money will allow admirers of John Muir to seek additional developmental funds for a specialized center built around the genius of John Muir. It will provide learning opportunities for geotourists, students, parents and anyone concerned with environmental issues seeking to enrich their visit to Yosemite National Park and the region.

Robert Hanna, the great, great-grandson of John Muir, is a member of the Advisory Committee along with a dedicated team of local community and Yosemite regional leaders.

JMGC future components will consist of the following:

• Range of Light Outdoors Classroom: A multi-purpose classroom.

• Youth Education Program: A jointly developed program to bring together urban and rural students in a natural setting.

• Bean Creek Preserve Nature Walks: To offer geotourists the opportunity to learn about the historic John Muir Route.


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