James Franco to release the movie “YOSEMITE” in 2014

James Franco to release YOSEMITE, the movie in Jan 2014

James Franco to release YOSEMITE, the movie in Jan 2014

James Franco, star of 127 hours, Spiderman, and many other movies is working on a project called “Yosemite.” He is raising funds to develop and film the work. It will be based on his story by the same name. He is trying to raise a half million dollars for the film. He will be funding a lot of it, but he needs help.  It will be the story about three 4th grade friends who find a dead body on their way to Yosemite National Park. It is set 25 years ago. In addition to this movie he will be filming 2 others one after another.

With a donation, he is giving various incentives. For $25 you will be an official “backer” and get internet updates. More money gets you more stuff…for $5,000 you can be in the movie. Donations go up to $20,000. go for it. You can’t take it with you. Get a 2nd mortgage. Franco needs a commitment by July 17. $170 grand has been pledged by 69 donors. Go for it – you can’t take it with you.

See how at his website (includes a short video). Franco was born in Palo Alto and is trying to give back by working with local directors and production teams.


Unrelated thought worth quoting: “I wanna be in pictures.” – Unknown

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