Italian stonemasons

Look at this section of the Upper Mist trail before Nevada Fall. Check out the fine stonework.

Much of the stone retaining walls were put up by immigrant Italian stonecutters. They were expert. Almost like the Pyramids, where it is hard to stick a razor blade between the stones. A tip of the hat to our Italian friends!

Last week I  met with Domer and blog reader, Maureen L. of Oakland for lunch. We had a nice chat. She’s an avid  hiker and VERY knowledgeable of Yosemite.  Holler if you’d like to link up with me, myself and I for chow one day.  Reminder – I’m speaking on a cruise ship Jan 6-20 so the blog may be late. Very expensive to use internet at sea.

Notice the days getting longer? Sunset January 1 at Yosemite was 4:50 pm. By Thursday it will be 4:53. I love it. On March 12 we go back to daylight savings! Yes! Just about 2 months away. Summer is coming!

The drought continues at the park. No snow in sight. Bad times for Badger pass.

California residents – 750 news laws go into effect this year. Here’s a loop hole in the cell phone texting/use law. If you have an iPhone4, you can hold the unit up and talk to Siri and tell her to send a text to Joe Blow. The law sez you can’t text to another person – Siri is a synthesized voice (not a perosn) but it will indeed send a text for you. But I challenge you to explain that to a cop…you are still distracted during all this.  While I’m on this subject – Friday night I went to  Santa Clara University basketball game. I sat next to a college age female student. She pulled her cell out about every 8 minutes to check it…then would type a reply back using only her thumb while holding it.  Really, every 8 minutes, I mean Sheeezh – get a life!


Unrelated thought worth quoting:Sunrise, sunset. Sunrise, sunset. Swiftly go the days. Sunrise, sunset. You wake up, then you undress. It always is the same. The sunrise and the sunsets.” – Fiddler on the Roof 

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  1. Scott Baines says:

    HD Trail plan is due soon…fingers crossed for the survival of the cables.

    Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2012.

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