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When traveling from the west to Yosemite, you’ll drive through miles of the Sacramento/San Joaquin Valley (aka the Central Valley). It is ripe with walnut, almond and a slew of other flora.

Eight miles east of Oakdale, keep your eyes out on the left side of Hwy 120/108 for a memorial to “Cricket.” This is comprised of a few wilted wreaths honoring a brown horse that stood at the fence by the road to watch traffic. Every time I drove the route in the early ‘90’s, Cricket would be patiently waiting to welcome us to her turf. When she died in 1993, a small sign was erected with a metal horse figurine on top. She was buried near her standing pointl People added flowers and wreaths in her memory.

Cricket Memorial on way to Yosemite

Cricket Memorial on way to Yosemite

I’ve kept the honorings alive. My latest addition is shown below. It was fun painting and mounting it. As you pass, you need to go slow. There is a short pull out to the right. Be careful crossing – cars FLY by. Bring a plastic flower bouquet or a colorful wreath. Zip ties are best to affix it to the fence. It gets very windy there and the tributes tend to get whipped.

cricket 2

It’s worth a few bucks from the Dollar Store. There’s one in Oakdale. To learn more, hit the Cowboy Museum in town near the main intersection. They have a small Cricket exhibit. Look for the yellow train car. See the website – and  Like her facebook page.


Unrelated thought worth quoting: “A horse is a horse…unless of course, it’s the famous Cricket.” – With apologies to Mr Ed.

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One Best Hike: Yosemite’s Half Dome

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