New informational message signs being installed at Yosemite

To better improve visitor knowledge of park conditions, Yosemite contractors are putting in three Changeable Message Signs. Only emergency messages are expected to be posted. Items such as road conditions, rockfalls, Big Foot sightings and the like.

  The first goes in at the Big Oak Flat Entrance Station on the south bound side of Highway 120. It will be set about 200 feet outside the Park. It might inform you that the reason you are stopped is that if you look out your window you’ll see it’s caused by heavy traffic.

Impatient Half Dome hiking party

Impatient Half Dome hiking party

Another will be put up near Camp 4 on Northside Drive. It will be west of the Camp 4 Parking Lot along the west bound side. This one might inform you that Alex Honnold is about to free solo El Cap with one hand tied behind his back.

Or not.

A third sign will go up in the Wawona area, at the South Entrance. This will be ready for your viewing before March 16th.  This might inform you that the Giant Sequoias grow from the ground skyward.

Or not.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “All I want is to just be free, live my life the way I wanna be. All I want is to just have fun; live my life like it’s just begun. But you’re pushin’ too hard on me.” – The Seeds

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