HOT NEWS – Major Fracture at Half Dome!

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This just came out over the wires. Unbelievable.

Major Fracture at Half Dome

04/01/2010 13:13 pm PDT | NNC reporter Abril Phul

Yosemite National Park officials said a major rockfall occurred this morning at the famous Half Dome granite monolith. As shown in this early photograph, it is estimated that 20 % of the northeast face sheared off in one of the biggest rockfall events in modern history. Geologists estimated that 3.5 million metric tons of granite was released and plummeted to the valley floor 2,000 feet below. This area is known as Mirror Lake. No one was injured. The area is snowbound and the southern Mirror Lake trail has been closed since a small rockfall off adjoining Ahwiyah Point occurred in 2009. The peak of the signature landmark of Yosemite, known as “the Visor” was literally ripped away. Half Dome has been the subject of a controversial permit system began by the park to relieve crowding on the cables route. This popular hiking path has attracted nearly 80,000 visitors a year. It is unclear if the cable system was impacted and early reports are sketchy at this time.

Half Dome now 1/3 Dome?



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  2. mrhalfdome says:

    I have made a lot of friends there … not appropriate to reveal names.

  3. andy says:

    Waiting for the results six timer… Who’s your ranger friend?

  4. Mr. Visor says:

    Brilliant. I saw the whole thing. Only one tent cabin crushed.

  5. Andy says:

    I stayed at a Holiday Inn and I don’t think it’s true.

  6. six timer says:

    I just got of the phone with my friend who is a Ranger at the park. IT IS TRUE. They launched a helicopter to try and survey the damage but there is limited visibility. So we will hope for better results tomorrow

  7. Dave Miller says:

    You almost had me!

  8. John Lauer says:


  9. BellaBike says:

    Abril Phul 2u2!

  10. andy says:

    It’s April first, nice try

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