HOT – Hope to reopen some National Parks during shutdown

The American Outdoor Association has informed me that yesterday, and I quote:

“…..DOI/NPS has agreed to accept funds from the states to reopen parks in some states, under NPS’s broad donation authority.  This effort is only with the states providing funding; NPS will not entertain offers of funding from other organizations, though states are free to aggregate funding from whatever sources might be willing to contribute funding.  NPS has developed a template agreement for state funding arrangements.  There are several additional limitations on this effort: (1) the donation has to be per day, for the complete operation of the park (NPS will not piecemeal certain areas within parks); and (2) the funding commitment must be for a minimum of 4 days.  The way this works is that states can express interest in funding certain parks, and NPS will provide a per day cost for operation of each park.  Once a park area is open, the concessions at that park may open as well.  NPS has signed an agreement with the State of Utah to open eight national parks in that state this weekend, for a period of 10 days.  NPS is currently negotiation with AZ, NY, CO, VA, MT, and SD to reopen certain parks in those states.

Second, NPS hopes to finalize a policy today that would allow certain other concessions to reopen.  Although not finalized, under this policy, NPS will consider reopening concessions facilities that meet the following criteria: (1) the facility is accessible from an open road (NPS through road, state road, etc.) or private property, and is not behind a locked gate; (2) self-contained operation that does not require the rest of the park to execute (e.g., a restaurant, like Cliff’s House); (3) opening the facility doesn’t require NPS to expend additional funds (beyond the emergency services already in place); and (4) the concessioner commit to any trash removal that might ordinarily be the responsibility of NPS.”

Yosemite is probably too large to fit in this, but is Sacramento and Delaware North (our concessionaire) on top of this?

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “If you don’t ask, you don’t get.” – Mr Half Dome


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